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Terms & Conditions

All art sold is as is, meaning the art displayed is the one you will receive if you purchase the item. All sizes and weights are approximate.

All Sales are final. 

Periodically, I will update my site with new art. I do not always have access to the same supplies. I will do my best to try and make a similar but unique piece of art upon request.

Aboriginal Creations appreciates your feedback and will strive to provide the best experience for you - the customer. 

In closing, we must listen to Mother Earth's cries for help and find sustainable ways to live for future generations.

Mother Earth and all her creations depend on us for their and our future survival. 

All my relations,

Nancy A. Luis - Artist, Writer, & CEO of Aboriginal Creations

Disclaimer:  Re: Unique Art Infusions 


I have always been very intuitive all my life. More recently, I have taken some courses to enhance my ability to communicate with Spirit - successfully, I might say.

​I realize unique art infusions through spirit communication may not be for everyone, and you have the right not to visit my website if this goes against your beliefs.

All my Relations,

Nancy A. Luis

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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