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                                           "Survival of the Great Spirit Bear" 


The Great Spirit bears, so strong, and yet so rare, they are one in ten. Unlike the spirit bear, humans become strong in numbers. We begin with one person, then two, and then three until we become a force to reckon with.
This force will be the voice of the Great Spirit Bear and all existence that is treated by mass destruction for a few bucks of today.
What about tomorrow? Then what? Will we have clean drinking water? Will we have food to eat? Will we be able to breathe clean air?
As humans, we need to pay attention to what is happening today to the web of life. We do not own the web: we are only a part of it!
If we destroy one piece of the web then the rest will soon break down and disintegrate.  
WE must look at least seven generations from today and forecast how this destruction of today will affect the seventh generation of tomorrow. Will there be a web of life?
We humans must take a stand and voice our concern so we can ensure the survival of all species such as the Great Spirit Bear here on Mother Earth.  
If we do not - then we too will cease to exist.
By: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

Size: 8.5"x5.5"

Weight: 4.4 onces

All sizes are approximate

"Survival of the Great Spirit Bear Paw"

SKU: 001-4
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