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"In the radiant night sky, the wolf cries for help - is anybody listening?

I am the wolf, the creature of path-finding.

The old-growth forest I once denned in is now gone, as humans try to generate a few dollars for today. What about tomorrow? 

Humans, did you consider the wildlife you demolished?

Where did everybody go?

The cedar trees that house and cool down the life in the forest is now gone - only tree stumps remain. 

The loss of the cedar tree is the end of life as we once knew it. The smell of the fresh evergreens and all plant life flourishing together is like an orchestra of one enormous organism - gone! 

The sound of the birds chirping and flying throughout the forest are looking for food for their chicks. The four-legged animals wander through the thick giant old-growth brush looking for a place to lay so they can eat their catch inquietude on the cool carpet of Mother-Earth - all gone!

And even the species we cannot see with our naked eye exist in one large universe of its own - all life co-existing for the harmony of the old-growth forest is now gone.

Is the death of all this brilliant biosphere worth the few bucks for today?

What is left in the forest - lifeless, debris of tree stumps as far as the eye can see.  

Can anybody hear me?

All-mighty Creator, show humans what they have afflicted upon us such as: 

The medicines they have so thoughtlessly abolished, 

The trees that filtered the air, or the lost homes of many wildlife species.

We must leave now to find another home.  

Please, all-mighty Creator, guide us to a place where we can call home as we once did in the old-growth forest."

BY: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creations

January 22nd, 2022

Size: 43cm x 45cm

"Spirit of the Wolf"

SKU: 004-1
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