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                                          “Spirit of the Wild Salmon”


Time has brought many changes in my vast ocean and rivers – I am the “Spirit of the Wild Salmon. 

My ancestors have passed through these waters for many thousands of years.  

Oceans & all living organisms have been here since time began, working for the greater good of all species that thrive in the ocean.

Now our young are few and far between. 

Our home, the oceans & rivers have become so polluted that my gills can no longer filter out the pollutants. 

Now our young salmon can no longer swim through the infestation of sea lice.  

Have we spawned the last generation of my kind? 

Will we be extinct! 

What will happen to the other species that rely on my last journey home? What will they eat? 

Please, all-mighty Creator, show these humans what they must do to save my species – the Wild Salmon.

By: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

Size: 13.5"x6.5"

Weight: 9.2 Ounces 

All sizes are approximate



"Spirit of the Salmon"

SKU: 010-1
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