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"Hummingbirds are so beautiful, whimsical, and magical! 

The magical healing energy we crave seems impossible. 

Yet we somehow feel the presence of our loved ones near when we see these magnificent winged creatures flying so effortlessly for thousands of miles. Yet the unknown universe becomes real when we see them as we feel the love and presence we once felt.

The presence of our loved one's Spirit filling our soul with the intimacy we once cherished together that took a lifetime to grow, nurture and harvest.  

Not gone, always forever in our hearts and souls, only to meet again to renew another lifetime of love, joy, and healing for each other from one life to the next.

Believe! You are not alone as I am in the beauty of your eyes in the nature you see. I am one with all, continuing to love you from near and far as we once again will reunite in love, joy, peace, and healing as our souls travel together from one life to the next." 


By: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

January 27th, 2022

Size: 57 cm x 24.5 cm

"Spirit of the Humming Bird" SOLD!

SKU: 005-1
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