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                                              "Spirit of the Black Bear Paw"

"Indigenous handmade dream catcher, 'Spirit of the Black Bear' is filled with healing, balance, and intuitive energy. Using high-quality glass beads, beautiful paua shells, sinew, suede and a handmade metal frame, this bear is a unique piece of art created to reflect your ability to unlock your intuitive energy.   
"As the bear sits facing west, he contemplates the changes that are fast approaching. Change in the air, from the hot summer days to the cool, crisp autumn nights; he uses his intuition - the intuition needed to survive the changing season ahead.  
Like the bear, learn to listen to your intuition - the intuition of your soul."

By: Nancy A. Luis - "Aboriginal Creeations"

Size: 8.75"x5.5"

Weight: 4 ounces

All sizes are approximate

"Spirit of the Black Bear Paw"

SKU: 001-3
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