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"As the bear awakened from his long sleep, he sensed a change. 

Bear wonders if he has had a horrific nightmare? 

The bear knows deep within his soul that something horrible has happened to his way of life as he once knew it.

Bear prepares to leave his den and suddenly realizes he can't as there is a great deal of debris blocking his way out. 

Feeling very confused, the bear frantically scatters to clear the debris so he can escape from the unusual entrapment in front of his home.

As the bear broke free of the entrapment, all he could see were trees fallen as far as his eyes could see. 

Trees that grew for thousands of years were taken down in seconds - bleeding lifelessly of their sap.

The Bears eyes filled with water, flowing down like a swift-moving river, not knowing if he and all species that once thrived in the forest had any future - where did they go?

Sounds of a once beautiful orchestra of wildlife flourishing -silenced by the quietude of remnants of trees fallen like casualties of war.

 As the bear stood in disbelief, it was all too clear of what little life remained. Where did they all go?

Oh Creator, what has taken place here while I slept?

As the bear looks above, he sees and shouts to his eagle friend, what has happened here as I just awoke to the massive destruction!

Eagle looks tiredly for a place to land but cannot.

My bear friend, early this morning, humans moved in with massive machinery and began an assault on our home.  

I escaped quickly before my home, the cedar tree, crashed to the ground rendering me homeless! There is no place to land as there are no more trees! The humans, along with their noisy machinery,  effortlessly snapped the trees like twigs.

My Eagle friend, we must leave now to search for a new home as it will take some time before we will reach another Old-growth forest as they are now very few left.

 So the eagle and the bear began their long journey in search of a new home - an old-growth forest that their ancestors had flourished in for generations upon generations.

As for humans, they have not yet learned the lessons of life.

All life is a valued part of the entire ecosystem.  

By cutting the web of life, we are cutting our own life too. 

We are not superior to it - we are a part of it.


BY: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

 December 12th, 2008

Size: 53.5cm x 37cm

"Spirit of the Bear"

SKU: 001-1
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