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“The Energy Within”


"The moon sitting so high in the night sky has a gaze of wonder - what is happening to Mother Earth?

The energy I radiate needed to grow food does not seem sufficient.

The forest that thrived for centuries torn down to make a dollar for today - what about tomorrow?

Does it seem like humans have not given any thought to where they will find clean air to breathe? Trees, a rich source of oxygen renewal, vanishing at a rate of no return!

An entire ecological system, so fragile, never even given a chance for survival.

The oceans that thrived with many species are now polluted.

Humans - your pollution is destroying the balance of Mother Earth.

More sources destroyed - I sense hunger - what will they eat now?

All mighty creator, I will continue to radiate my energy down to Mother Earth but help the humans understand, my power can only help those who will help themselves. Balance, along with Regards and Respect for ALL LIFE, is the best power of all."

By: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

Size 16"round Approx.

Moon "The Power To Heal"

SKU: 006-2
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