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"A New Beginning"

" With the morning fast approaching, I realized a new day was beginning.

I can create each day as a new beginning. I do not have to remain in the past - I can move forward.

Each day is precious; don't let them slip away from you.

Hold on - embrace every day as it comes.

Remember, you are love, peace, and joy."

By: Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations


SKU: 2024 5" New Beginning"
  • Place your new art piece in a window, wall, or where the energy feels right. Be careful not to put it up against anything sharp that could cut the sinew.  I always tell people that art will tell you where it likes to be.

  • The New Beginning was created to symbolize that we can start each day over with a New Beginning.  No matter how challenging life becomes, look to the next day to have a new beginning. 

     The outer ring symbolizes the night sky. The light blue beads are the daylight coming. The yellow feathers are the sunrise. The little bird is yourself, and the shooting star is your ability to reach for your true potential.

    Never give up hope. You can meet your challenges with love, hope, and peace.

    All my relations, Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations

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